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Autosleeper Nuevo Tables


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We have a Neuvo 2 ES. To avoid taking a spare table for outside use I hope to find a table stand into which we can slot the table tube to make the table(s) freestanding. I have spoken to Autosleeper spares who say that they don't stock anything, but they are aware that such things are available. I have checked google...to no avail. Any ideas?
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Hi Borderer - welcome to the mad house!


What you need is a tripod stand - go to this site:




Now type 'Tripod stand' into the 'Quick Search' facility on the top left.


These are things you would generally buy from a dealer's shop, or at a caravan supplies depot, or a show, not from a motorhome manufacturer.


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Fiamma make the tubes,table fittings and tripods. Tubes come in different lenghts , catalogue as follows.


Tube 70 cm C0380-01


Tube 60cm C0380-01A


Conic connection C5063-01


Recessed conection C033101


Tripod 00713-01



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