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Birds and wind turbines - sad, sad video


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I always thought those that suggested Wind Turbines had a bad affect on birds were over "spinning" the truth. I thought birds are not likely to be affected.


This video has made me think long and hard about wind turbines and where we put them - if we put them anywhere at all.



Very sad.

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Here we see a windmill killing just one bird and it causes concern, there is no indication that this is a common event throughout the uk so why the concern.


If we should be concerned over this we should be even more concerned about motor cars, aeroplanes and many other things that deal out death to many thousands of birds daily but we are not are we.


Why are we not, well the other death dealers are for our own personal convenience and windmills are not.


Windmills are noisey are they not so birds will have plenty of notice that they are there

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I do find this sad and quite a quandary. Birds are basically stupid creatures (as evidenced by this video, if a human did that they'd be put up for a Darwin award). But the big problem for us is this, do we not put up wind mill generators which go a small way towards reducing our consumption of natural resources because a few birds are daft enough to flirt with the blades and kill themselves or do we continue towards a sustainable future and hope the birds learn?


Not knowing the answer, D. (?)

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There is a definitive answer to the question about whether we should continue with the use of wind turbines due to birds being killed, it is as follows................................



Wind turbines are driven by wind.


Birds use wind to assist flight, therefore reducing the available wind for turbines.


If birds are killed, then there will be more wind.


More wind means more power generated to keep old people warm.


You can use the feathers from dead birds to make soft pillows for old people.


Therefore wind turbines are far more useful than stupid birds, and we should build lots more.


:-D :D

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I think it was a steep learning curve for the Vulture,

& its an appropriate warning for the vultures at the gas board on the potential of wind turbines,


or the gas company's are fleecing us but turbines could pluck them (lol)



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Still say we should take into account the effect of what we do.


Seems a shame that in order to "save the planet" we have to cause the death of other species.




And those that only have concern for the likes of feather producing birds such as chickens need not be alarmed as "stupid" chickins will still be farmed in unsavoury conditions and so never get the chance to bump up against a wind turbine.


Still - once the feathers are off the fat gobs of the "don't give a s**ts" can stuff themselves "stupid" with those same "stupid" caged birds.


Then lay themselves down for a blameless sleep on those feather pillows stuffed with the product of all those "stupid" birds.







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