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Welcome to the forum and so sorry to hear of your problems.


In order to get the right answer you need to ask the right question, so firstly what make and model van do you have and are you refering to cab door or caravan door or both?


Does your husband do the driving as there may well be useful aids to help him cope?

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Hi Bonita & welcom to the forum.


Contact Autochair at Alfreton in Derbyshire.

I had an extended version of their Milford Person Lift fitted last April, on the Cab Passenger side for my wife.

It was their first fix on the new 2007 on, Sevel base, an extended model to cover the greater height of the Cab, compared to a car/MPV.


See http://www.autochair.co.uk/store/person-hoists-and-transfer-into-vehicles/milford-person-lift.

"Aluminium Milford Person Lift

The Milford Person Lift has been specially designed for lifting people from their wheelchair into a vehicle and out again.

Fits most 4 door cars, all 2 door cars, people carriers and 4x4s.

Lifts up to 17½ stone, this can be upgraded to 21 stone if required.

The NEW Milford weighs just 8kg, has emergency switches and an optional manual operation. "


The "extended" model for our van reduces the lift capacity & obviously weighs a little more.


A sling that can be placed behind the person whilst in their wheelchair, Then attched to the hoist which is electrically operated hydraulic system. Once raised the whole swivels into the cab & the person is lowered in to the cab seat and the sling removed.


Not cheap, but very effective & simple to use.


Their representative visited us at home, with a lift fitted in a MPV so we could try it out before making our mind's up.

My wife's Lift was built to suit her weight, so you would need to check any limits now available, with Auto-chair.

I don't know which M/H you have. The base vehicle floor and cab seat heights will influence max lifting capability.

Auto-chair took photo's of our installation so ask if you can see those, if it is of interest.


Good luck

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