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blistering bubbles?


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Do you know if the panels are painted as there is a known problem called 'micro blistering' associated with painted GRP that sounds exactly like you describe. It also occurred on sprayed plastic panels on cars, such as spoilers and rear boot spoilers. I had four Truckman tops changed on my pick up for this problem, the current one still has the problem but only in one place and as it is out of warranty and I could not spend the time following up further changes, although to their credit Truckman offered to change again. I just got fed up with keep going down to Cheltenham at my own expense.


I understand from Truckman that it is caused by either a reaction to the GRP still curing under the paint OR small quantities of water not properly dried on the GRP surface prior to painting.


Cure is a complete strip back, re seal undercoat, and paint.



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For a full breakdown of blisters and blistering GRP structures just search for 'osmosis' on any of the yachting forums and you'll find plenty of reading matter.


The use of extremely thin GRP laminates, particularly in conjunction with sandwich constructions (foam + ply) is bound to be problematic in the long term. Let the blistering commence.


There's a lot to be said for an alu outer skin, despite it's susceptibility to minor dents.

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