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Sick Notes ... soon to be replaced by Fit Notes

Mel B

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Has anyone heard of this - if not, then you might like to know that from early April this year the old Sick Note is to be replaced by a Fit Note.


The Fit Note is intended for GPs to be able to state whether someone is sick and cannot work, or is sick but can undertake some other duties. Eg, if a labourer has a bad strain or some such injury, this may mean he can't do his normal labouring work, but he may be able to do some lighter types of work ... how this is determined I don't know.


Whilst I totally accept that there are malingerers and wasters who get sick notes at the drop of a hat, there are many, many people who are not and who may feel pressured into returning to work too early, or to do other duties which they undertake but struggle with, because of this new system.


What are your thoughts? :-S

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It's a great idea.


Most employees (conveneniently?) forget that they all have an implied contractual duty to present themselves for work whenever physically able to do so. (IE: go to their place of work).


If upon arrival they are unfit to do their usual duties, it is then the Employers choice to either find them other/lighter duties, or send them home.


Many times I have challenged Drs sick notes submitted by employees saying "unfit to attend work" when the cause was (say) a broken finger.


When I've challenged the doctor as to why he's suggested (and remember, a Dtrs sick note is ONLY a recommendation) that this person is unable to do clerical or admin work instead of their usual job, or even attend for training/leraning in some other department, the Dr has always said "Yes, of course they're fit for that", but they never bother to check with the employer before signing these notes, as it's so much easier for them to just issue them like confetti.




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