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Don Madge

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Evening all,


We are at the municipal campsite in Alexandroupoli and have free wifi courtesy of the local community.


Usually Easter and Greek Orthodox Easter are two weeks apart but this year they fall on the same weekend.


So if you are or will be in Greece for Easter and the weather is good every Greek and his granny will be heading for the coast. My advice is get yourself set up at least Thursday before Good Friday whether you are wild camping or on a site.


Many Germans, Dutch and Belgians families spend Easter in Greece so be prepared for a busy weekend.


We are off to Crete on Sunday and plan to find a quiet spot on the coast for that weekend.


Safe travelling.



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Don sounds like you are haveing another brilliant trip, always good to read your posts, keep enjoying.

We so enjoyed our Greek trip with all the spring flowers and amazing scenery, we were at Gythio at Easter and I swam in the sea on Easter Saturday, we were parked in a beautiful Olive grove.

Would say anyone in that area in Gythio itself the police were allowing Motorhomes to Wild camp on a piece of land by the sea right in the middle of Gythio. One of the things that amazed me was to see people killing their Easter lambs in their gardens seen this a few times. Carol.

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