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Electric Polishers

Colin Leake

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I polish the Fiberglass on our Rapido twice a year. Last year whilst we were in a chandlers buying marine polish I looked at electric polishers. The owner advised me against buying the small ones he had as they kept getting them back burned out. I looked at the big professional polisher he had but decided that whilst it would be the ideal tool for restoring neglected surfaces which is very hard work by hand that for a quick polish of an already good surface it may well be harder work than doing the job by hand so I forgot all about it.


I'm glad I did because yesterday when a friend who lives out the back of us saw me polishing the motorhome he offered to lend us his small electric polisher. I only gave it a brief try before giving up. It vibrated all over the place and the sheep shin mop kept working off. Not only that it was harder and slower than doing the job by hand and did not even do a very good job.


If anyone is thinking of buying one I would recommend trying one first if possible.


Anyone else out there had any experiences of electric polishers good or bad?

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