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Greetings from Athens & Motorway closure

Don Madge

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Evening all,


Thanks to PJ, his co ords took us right to the gate at camping Athens, it was 1600 hrs today (Friday) and it's not a good time to be approaching Athens. It was like the start of the Indianapolis 500.


If anybody is planning to visit Greece and use the Athens to Thessaloniki motorway (1 E75) have a rethink as the motorway is closed until December due to a landslide north of Larisa where they are boring two tunnels one rail and one road. The landslide was last December. It is causing widespread disruption even this time of the year. It will be utter chaos when the summer season gets going.


We followed the north - south light vehicle diversion. It took two hours and we went up to 1100 metres with fine views of Mount Olympus.


The truck diversion is even longer with 40ft artics threading their way through small villages. The locals are not amused.


We are off to Crete on Sunday, will be in touch when we find some wifi.


Safe travelling.



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