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Control Panel Problems (I think)


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Hi There, i am wondering if anyone can help, i am abit green to the Motorhome m-larky. we are having problems with the control panel indiction lights.

Bear with me, as i am going to give you as much info as i can and its a bit long winded.

We have a Mclouis Lagan 410 on a 03 plate - Fiat Ducato Base. When we got the van everything worked fine approx 1 year ago. About 5 Months ago the Light on the Control Panel which turned Green when you connected to the hook up stopped working but everything else worked fine. on & off Hook up.

(we assune that the small LED light has gone)

Now after getting back out of storage for the Winter, When you press the Button to get an accurate reading of the battery charge status it shows the Leisure Battery 2/3 full press again and it shows the status of the engines battery which is flashing red - but still starts engine, the problem is that the control panel us to kind of go on stand by except green for 220v Hook-up but even after this light stopped working no lights use to flash or be lit.

now when you select the leisure battery for power with no hook-up, it stays lit on this for about 1 min then reverts to showing the Engine Battery flashing red, this stays on all the time.

My guess is this is because the engine battery is very low in power.

has anyone else any other thoughts?????? Many thanks.


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Is your battery charger working? I ask because the green indicator recently failed to illuminate on our van & after investigating I discovered that it is fed from the battery charger. I then found the charger was only delivering 3.6 volts which of course meant it was not charging. I have read of others having trouble with these chargers (Nordelettronica) so it may be your problem also.
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I take it the engine still shows red without hook up.


Staying on red is probably normal , whereas when battery is 'ok' after a minute or so the lights all go out. Thius wil be to warn you am make sure you are aware of a low battery. SO next step is to find out why it is showing red when the battery apparenty appears ok. 1st things 1st check teh engine battery voltage to make sure it is really Ok and above 12.6 volts. The red light indicated between 10 and 11 volts which I do not thin would be enough to start the engine, if it is you would expect your padlock or engine fault symbol to appear on Dashboard for a while after starting before going out. So check teh voltages and if 'normal'then ther has to be fault with the detection of battery voltage for engine battery.


Next the green light. As mentioned it is fed from a connection on the battrey charger/power supply output. I think it should be a white wire on the connector, whatever it is it is no red or black. As mentioned this should be checked out and ake sure charger is working and output functions.


If it helps you I can send you a pdf document for the Nordelttronica KIT NE101 system and basic wiring details. drop your email address to me in a private message.


Just to make sure there is nothing silly going on, do test your RCB device and make sure it is on and power is being connected. Also check all the fuses. At least then we have established some things are definetely working. You can also check the red battery light by starting engine and then checking if still shows red. When on hook up, you should also see the leisure battery green leds flashing in sequence to show the charger is on, and incodently I have found they even flash in sequence if the batteries are disconnected so seems to be purely controlled by detecting the charger is on. So if you see them flashing with hook up then I suspect the charger is working and its the green led circuit in the control unit which is at fault only.

I do hope, despite being long winded this all helps you.



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