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Hymer 544 Wiper blades


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1990 model.

Could anybody tell me if I can buy just the rubbers? I cannot get the blade frames off, but I managed to slide one of the rubbers out easily.


I'm assuming there are different rubber profile types that slide in to different frames.


I'm in France now so it would not be possible to visit any UK shops, and the French shops all have the complete frame only for sale.

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hi, yes you can just swap the rubber part, I picked up a set of cheap wipers that fit all makes ( you just cut to size ) in a pound shop, its an easy job.

and please note if you do treval around in other EU countries have a look at the car part sections in the supermarkets, from time to time you can pick up some real good deals on wipers etc.


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Complete 28 inch replacement blades were so cheap from this lot so I have just fitted a set to our Tardis.

Just measure up the length of the blade you require and give them a phone.





Trupart Limited

Decoy Bank, White Rose Way, Doncaster, South Yorkshire, DN4 5JD, England

Tel: 01302 344919

E-mail: info@trupart.co.uk



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I have found a lot of the replacement rubbers only come with plastic mouded strengthner and I prefer to use existng stainless steel ones, so buy cheap blades longer than I need and remove the rubbers.

Not much use to you Ventoux I know, but I buy in Kaufland, Germany. K-classic - really good value and rubbers seems better than I have had on other cheap blades.

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When I ran a Renault car, I found that the wiper blades lasted no time at all and were expensive to replace.


I bought a boxed kit with rubbers and metal strengtheners from a local accessory shop instead. You just cut both to size and fit, using the old ones as templates. I found that these rubbers lasted longer than anything else I had ever bought previously.


This winter has wrecked the blades on both our cars and I intend to get another boxed set.

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