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Tent Drying Service


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Hi , Mark


The company mentioned was Get-u-camping.co.uk


Here's a link to thier homepage ....





A further look through thier website , sees that they have some tents and equipment to hire too , great if you were wanting to try before you buy , quite a few of the outwell polycotton range available to hire .

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Has anyone used these people?


I am a bit sceptical for several reasons. The site has a copyright date of 2010 implying that they have not been going long as a company. There is no address listed on their website so you do not know where your tent is going to, and where you go to if anything goes wrong.


I will wait till several people have posted favourable reviews before using them.

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You can only claim copyright for information on a web site for the current year. Hence, all companies should show a copyright date of 2010.


However, I can find no trace of said company at Companies House. This may mean they are a very small company and do not see the benefits of being a limited company.

No address on the website probably means they are operating from home.


I suggest you call them ( at least they have a landline, not a mobile) and ask them some searching questions and express your concerns regarding their poor shop window.

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