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Push - Pull Door Handles


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I assume these are the standard push in button type that connect to a long vertical rod on the inside with small hooks on the ends that go round some pegs at the top and bottom of the opening?


If so, try moving the top and bottom pegs a little, they can be tricky to get 'just right' though so you might have to play with them a few times.


We had the same problem on our Rapido 709F until I adjusted the pegs, after which time they gave us no problems at all.


If you can't get them to work, you might be able to get some replacement handles form a parts supplier but depending on your particular situation, they may not mate up very well (they probably won't work with angled doors for example).


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It can be because the lock is either slightly out of position or possibly the fixing screws too tight which can distort it just enough to stop it working as it should.


Or they might be worn out!


Try taking one that works ok that is in an less well used location and switching it with a troublesome one and see if that helps. If nothing else it should enble you to better understand how they work.


Being made of plastic, lubrication should not be an issue but a small squit of WD40 - not much - might help.

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