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battery charger


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hi everyone

i am looking for some help,the accomodation battery charger in our van suddenly got so hot we had to disconnect the mains hook up, since then the orange light on the control panel idicating mains hook up no longer lights up.we have a new leisure battery and used our van this last week end for three nights on the third night the charger got really hot again,we now have a small fan to keep it cool,do I kneed a new charger,if so wil the light on the panel work again.

thanks in advance for any help

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Hi Bigjohn and welcome to the forums.


It might help if you could give some more details such as the make of charger and model, or even the model of van you have as as someone may have had this problem before and know what causes it.


It seems strange the charger appeared to operate again before getting hot after 3 days. Clearly something is faulty and whilst most likely the charger is faulty there is a chance it may be an extrernal load making it run at full power output.

It might be worth while testing it with the output unplugged and see if it still gets hot. However it certainly sounds like it could well be faulty and a new one should cure and also get your mains hook up indicator light working again.


1. Does your battery stay charged when not on hook up indicating something causing excessive drain?

2. Do you have a voltmeter so you can do some tests?

3. What make is the charge and model?

4. What make and model/age is your Motorhome?

5. What capacity is your battery and type?

6. What other equipment do you have on board the vehicle powered by the leisure battery?






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I suspect that a low voltage output from your charger is used to enable the pilot on your display. Replacing the charger with one purchased as a direct replacement should make it work again. But replacing the charger with something else is unlikely to light up your display.


If your control panel has a voltmeter function then you could use this to check if the battery is charging, because if it is the hookup is connected!!


In our van the tel tale that the hookup is connected is that the microwave oven display lights up!

Alternatively a small neon added to a prominent mains socket is a simple and effective mains indicator.


A range of chargers were recently reviewed / tested in the April MMM.




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good morning brambles and clive


thank you both for your input, the charger first started getting really hot in spain last june and with a small fan cooling it seemed to be working ok,just lately the battery warning light was coming on late in the evening we had switch some lights off,i bought a new 180ah battery and llast weekend was the first time we tried it ,so i am going to get a new charger before the new battery is fried.

brambles: battery stays charged.

dont know make would have to remove to find out.

van is a Frankia i800qd 2005(fiat)

180 ah platinum new

lights,sky receiver water pump and central heating fan.


big john

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