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Info on The western Isles


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Tomo, All of the ferry terminals have them, the one at Tarbert has showers as well, there are 'Gatliffe Hebridean Hostels' at Howmore, South Uist,

Bernaray,North Uist. Rhenigidale Harris (what a Place !!). Garenin, Lewis.

and Kershader Lewis. All provide water, Etc., and allow you to park close(overnight if you want) to the hostel for a small charge, to use their facilities, you'll need to 'Tote' water so a watering can might be useful.

By the way,don't put your rubbish in the Wheely Bins at the side of the road, they ALL belong to somebody, and it annoys the natives.

Have a Great Time ! Ray

When I say all the ferry ports have them, they are not CC standard,

a Drain and a Tap, and chemical toilet disposal.

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Tomo3090 - 2010-03-30 4:50 PM


Has anyone got info and locations of where we can fill tanks and dump waste on the Western Isles. We are going in April so I need to mark them on my map. We will be mostly wildcamping so we can pretty much find those ourselves. Thanks



When we went we got a leaflet from the council on Benbecula listing all the dump stations, toilets etc.

Have a look and see if they have a website - info may well be on there now.






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Just found some of the details we got:


Disposal points available at Ardmaree ferry terminal , Eriskay ferry terminal,Eoligarry public toilets on Barra, and at Shell Bay campsite .


Wild camping available alongside Barra airport - water available from at tap on the end of the airport building. Chem disposal is available approx half mile from the airport at Eoligarry.


Phone number for Benbecula Council is 01870 602425


( All this info now about 2 years old)


Have a good trip.




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Thanks everyone. For info I've discovered a forum site, www.wildcamping.co.uk that has a thread all about it and it has tons of info on the islands, and other places in the UK. Apparently, from Jan 2010 the airport at Barra is longer available for wildcamping and bollards have been put there to stop people overnighting. The dunes were being eroded by all the vehicular activity. Still, at least the beauty of the place is being looked after and that is ultimately what is rightly the priority of the local authorities.


They are also looking at upgrading and adding to the facilities already throughout the islands, including allowing crofts to set up as CL sites and improving the existing camping areas and sites.


We're really looking forward to the trip and all we need now is the temp. to pick up 20-30 degrees to go with those tropical looking beaches!

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