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Hi Mike


Assume the 1430 is the kerbweight of the Scenic and not the time you bought it. Both of the large clubs recommend you tow only 85% of the cars kerbweight, which in that case the heaviest caravan you should tow would be 1215kg. Plenty of 'vans around in that weight range. However, best to check the handbook as sometimes the car will have a lower max tow limit than the 85% rule. Also need to check the noseweight of the car and 'van. The Scenic will probably have a noseweight limit of 75kg so make sure the 'van isnt more than this.

Happy touring. :-)

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2006 Renault Grand Scenic 2.0 VVT Privilege 5dr [7 Seats] Estate


kerb 1510

GVW 2180

Towing 1300


Not sure where the 1430 comes from ???? - different model to the one I listed?


Using my figures the max actual weight is going to be 1300 kgs and that will also be around the 85% mark


If on a B only licence the nthe max MTPLM is 1320 kgs but if on B+E rules then the MPTLM can be as high as you like BUT the actual weight is still restricted to the 1300 towing capacity

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