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Colgne + Dusseldorf


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Rees - 2010-04-03 4:47 AM


Has anyone used Stelplatz in both/either of these German cities? Recommendations will be much appreciated.


Yes - I stayed at both last year.


Dusseldorf is basically parking on the Rhine but very close to the Altstadt.


Koln has electric available & is a 4 km walk along a pleasant Rhine walkway to the centrum.

There is a metro staion as well very close to the stellplatz.


I have pics of my camper at each stellplatz, along with further info & pics of the walkway at Koln.

If you click on the bigger Google map link (just below the map on the webpage), my placemarks are exactly where the Stellplätze are located.


The info is at this link:



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Tyhank you JeffersonCampervan for some excellent pictures which I have viewed with great interest. Those of Dusseldorf were especially helpful and we had already decided to stay in the same stelplatz as you in Colone.
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