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Does anybody know.....................


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Not sure if this is the right place for this, but anyway, does anyone have any idea about the legalities, in Scotland, of renting land space to someone who wants to park a static caravan with us?


We were approached today by someone who wants to move their static van to our land, and we wondered if anyone has had this situation. We do not have a caravan site but will be able to make available fresh water, drainage to septic tank, and power. We already have a static van which is used by students working on our nursery in the summer, and we allow free parking for motorhomes throught the season.


Some specific queries:

Do we need planning permission

What would be a suitable rent

What legal responsibilities will there be

What insurance implications would ther be


Thanks for any answers or other relevent information

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First off you need to speak to the Planning Department of your local Authority as they will have planning policy guidelines for such situations. Being a static caravan you need to be aware that unlike a touring caravan they can't just be moved at a moments notice and if you go ahead you need to have some agreed rules.



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