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Motorcycle/Scooter Trailers

Stewart Hendry

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Can anyone advise me from their own practical experience on the merits of a standard motorcycle trailer verses a transverse type. We have an Autocruise Starburst and want to take our full size bikes away with us (on rear cycle rack) as well as our Honda 125cc. We have tried the Easylifter scooter rack with folding bikes inside but it is a nuisance working round the bikes when we are staying off site anywhere. We sold the Easylifter and are looking at trailers. I noticed the CMF side load type advertised in MMM - it only has 8” wheels which looks a bit small but I have no experience of how these handle.

Your advice would be appreciated.

Thanks, Stewart


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With this type of caster wheel trailer the single wheel makes more sence than a double wheel version. The wheel is not that small and is adequately rated for more than the rack and load ratings. I checked. The structure is capable of carrying a Triumph Boneville.


As the trailer/rack effectively hinges off the back of the car then having twin wheels provides an aditional problem of torsional articulation. Like going down a lane with potholes with one wheel comming off the ground etc. A single centre wheel overcomes this problem totally.

The French have been doing this type of trailer for years! I can remember them in the mid seventies. (That,s me sussed!)



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