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How do you print forum items?

colin weston

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Try highlighting the text you want to print, right click then print and pick 'print selection'. Or you could do what I do if you want to keep it but not print it out, when you come to right click choose copy and then paste it into a new word document or whatever word processing package you use.
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Rather than cut and past items from the web to a word document which sometimes does not work to well, I use a PDF printer.


Google "free PDF printer" and you get lots of choice, I use Cute PDF.


You can preview the web page using print preview in the browser, and choose print. The PDF printer is installed like an ordinary printer, but produces PDF pages that can be read with acrobat reader (another freebie)


I also scan a lot of magazine pages (campsites, Tourist Tips, places to visit, etc ) to pdf files for reference and use programes like Autoroute to show positions of campsites, I click the pushpin and get an automatic like to the page I have saved.



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Hi roger.


To place pois and links in autoroute is fairly simple.


How I work is as follows.


I get a pdf file (scanned or downloaded from web) and give it a name with no spaces in it.


i.e "PCS Private Camp Site.pdf" will not work, you need "PCSPrivateCampSite.pdf" or "PCS-Private_campsite.pdf"


and put the pdfs in a folder.


I name the Pushpin "PCS-HarburyFieldsFarmCaravanPk.pdf" in the name section of the pushpin


I put the link to the file like this (There are other variations, if you look on the web, but this works for me as I cut and past the links using a txt file to build the link to the file.) The link goes in the space under the POI name.


Its a little complicated but bear with it !




File:/// tells autoroute a link is coming up !


The link lives in D drive, folder POI-PDFS, subfolder UK,

Site name PCS-HarburyFieldsFarmCaravanPk.pdf


the link is normaly in a blue font by default, if you find that there black font in the link, it means there is a space in the link name.


Sometimes you have to "float" the mouse pointer over the link and click to display the file.


Linking will work with any file that can be displayed, doc, xls, pdf, txt etc


You can play around by changing the pushpin set and icons, if you feel that enthusiastic !


Hope that helps.







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Hope it works for you !!


If you are realy enthusiastic, you can convert the Pushpins to POIs for the sat Nav and see the campsites that you have information for !


(but having Autoroute why bother ?)


BTW if you have not tried Autoroute 2010, there are some quite cute features in it. One being able to turn off and on Pushpin displays.


I am a couple of weeks over my free "Two month Trial" and it is still working.



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tonyishuk - 2010-04-18 11:48 AM . . . one being able to turn off and on Pushpin displays.

I installed 2010 and couldn't see anything in the pushpin display so uninstalled it and went back to the 2007 version.  Are you saying there is a tickbox to display the contents?  If so, where?


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Just to clarify my comments Tony.  Below are screen dumps from AR 2007 and AR 2010.

Both versions opened the same file but the 'information' is not displayed in AR 2010 despite the 'information' box being ticked in the dataset.

I've tried converting the AR 2007 .AXE file into .CSV and .XLS but it loses some of the data.  I can then re-import the data back into AR 2010 where it will show the 'information' but it's incomplete due to the earlier conversion.

Unless I can find away around it I'm sticking to the AR 2007 version ;-)




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The Decorator - 2010-04-16 6:47 PM




I've had Vista for three years and find it OK, what are the problems?




Compatibly with drivers, programs, even Microsoft's own programs are not compatible Outlook 2000 won't run at all, Autoroute 2007 regularly crashes.


Lots of hardware won't run due to driver incompatibility luckly I've only got it on one machine my 3 other PC's are still on XP.




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I think it's universally accepted that Vista was/is the pits.  Even Microsoft have found the backlash somewhat embarrassing and reminded them of their last lame duck Windows Millennium.

The sooner you move to Windows 7 the better.  It has all the benefits of Vista (and there were a few very nice features) but the feel of a good stable environment in XP - which was a very nice operating system.

Take a tip though, when you move to Windows 7 save yourself some money and go for the upgrade version.  It will still allow you to reformat your hard drive and install Windows 7 as a 'clean' install (my recommendation) as long as your current operating system exists.

Anywho, I'm sooo glad to see the back of Vista, horrible, horrible system.


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