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Hymer 'B' Class


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Hi Everyone


Is it just me or are the Hymer MH's 'B' class snapped up and very very popular? If so what is so special about them ? Am trying to keep an open mind when looking to buy an older model MH but quite like the Hymer 'B' class for the layout for us but nearly every one I have looked at on the internet is sold be it from a private sale or a dealer.


Also is it true that the double skin floor was only introduced in the 2001 models and above? Read an article today but don't know if its true.




Thanks in advance for any replies




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I have had my Hymer B-class from new for 5 years.


Hymer is a long established brand in the UK

Parts are as easy to obtain, if not easier, than leading UK brands

Hymer UK (Madisons) have a decent reputation so does Hambilton Engineering

B-classes pack a lot of practicality into a relatively small space

Quality of build was legendary and seems to be holding up

Very well engineered, often it's difficult to see the evidence

Good residual prices

Snob value

Didn't leak when most others did - still don't leak

Wear well

Over cab bed


People are holding on the their Hymers because the Euro makes new ones very expensive. I still prefer the look of the old brown ones!


Downsides include price, lack of personality, accessing the mechanicals through the bonnet, getting used to the large expanse between driver and windscreen, and lots of stickers in German (Hymer UK provide English handbooks which are amusing to read).


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Hi Brian,


Sorry, only just seen your message, I think at this stage we are still trying to figure out which makes and models are for us and which arn't. I will have to stop putting posts on here lol as we keep changing our minds lol, trying to keep an open mind but have heard great things about the Hymers but are trying not to set our heart on one tbh. We saw a Laika yesterday which we quite like so at the moment I think its probably best just to decide first which model, make etc we think best suits us. Oh well at least we are doing plenty of research and not just jumping straight in, I am on the internet every day and researching and also we will keep going to dealers and hopefully some shows.


Thanks for the message though, really appreciate it :-D

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If you are such an early stage, then I would suggest finding a dealer that you trust and then seeing what they can offer. A good dealer can be so important in the overall ownership providing they sell and maintain the van of your dreams. Think of some questions that you know the answer to and test the dealer.


It's great that you are doing so much research. Too many skimp in the excitement of their first buy.


Laika are stylish with reasonably good track record of build quality. I don't think they have many dealers in the UK. Parts may be more problematical than a Hymer or UK brand.


I think if you post what you want to do with the van and any considerations, eg we want to tour mainly in the UK with dogs and no passengers, people will flood you with advice. Or we want to travel down minor roads and wild camp.

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