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Heki Rooflight


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We have damaged our Heki rooflight and as we bought our MH privately we are unsure of the model. Is there a specific Heki made just for motorhomes , I have seen Heki 1 , 2 ,3 and 4 models but am I right in thinking some of these are for caravans only as they have a vent built in or something. The nearest model I can see to ours is a Heki 2 but him indoors is adamant this model is for caravans not MH , help me prove him wrong!! Thanks for any advice you can give




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Welcome Sue :-D


First, are you able to post a picture? If so, it needs to be 100kb or less for the forum to allow it.


If not, can you give details of the motorhome you have (base/conversion/year/model etc) as this will help us help you.


If you can also describe the Heki, eg does it have built-in lights, a winding handle, or a large bar/lever that you push up to open it. If it is the push up bar version, then they are definitely caravan type ones although some motorhome manufacturers do fit them to motorhomes (cheap scapes!).


Also, what have you actually damaged? Is it the whole thing, just the 'glass' - give us a clue Sue!!! :->

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Hi Sue

If you are having difficulty identifying the Rooflight,

This info is a download:-

The Dometic Heki 1

Rooflight gives variable ventilation for every situation. The HeKi 1is opened with a manual winding system. The glazing panel can be raised all round to a maximum of 40 mm, or directional to one or all sides. This allows you to adjust ventilation to every outside situation.

? Acrylic double glazing, and polyurethane frame for high insulation.

? Large overlap of the glazing panel stops water entering the vehicle so the dome can be raised when raining.

? With blind and fly net mounted to the inner frame, seamlessly adjustable.

? Clear opening of 790 x 510 mm. Installation requires a flat surface area of 1.100 x 820 mm. Can be installed along or across to the vehicle roof.

? Suitable for roof thickness from 27 - 60 mm by cutting the inner frame.

? Weight (kg) : 22

? Max. opening angle (approx.) : 70°

The Heki 2

Heki 2 rooflight made from robust and weather-proof ASA has been developed specially for caravans. The large opening allows plenty of light and optimal ventilation.

The double glazed acrylic panel is easily opened with the metal bar handle as the pane is held open by the pneumatic stays for your comfort. Locked in the bad weather setting, rain cannot penetrate into the caravan and wind cannot lift the panel in secured position.

? The large opening of approx. 780 x 530 mm allows plenty of light and also optimal ventilation

? Easy installation along or across the vehicle roof

? Installation requires a flat surface area of 1080 x 780 mm

? Roller fly net and blind are mounted to the inner frame which can be adjusted independently or combined

? Suitable for roof thickness from 25-60 mm in combination with special fittings

? Frame colour: cream white (RAL 9001)

? Weight (kg) : 11

? Cut out (mm) : 960 x 655

? Installation area (mm) : 1080 x 780

? Possible roof thickness (mm) : 33 - 60

? Max. opening angle (approx.) : 55°

Dometic Seitz Heki 2 Delux Rooflight

The highly successful Heki 2 has been improved even further. Four integrated lights create a comfortable atmosphere and the innovative Duette honeycomb material offers the greatest possible thermal insulation due to the hollow chamber construction.

? With an inner aluminium lining it also absorbs up to 99% of harmful UV rays.

? Four integrated 5 Watt bulbs for soft, subdued lighting

? Precision produced with Duette honeycomb material

? Blind and fly net mounted to the inner frame, can be operated together or independently, by means of two fixing bars

? New fixing bars specially developed to match the colours of the inner frame

? Suitable for roof thickness from 25 - 60 mm in combination with special fittings

? Pneuamtic stays for three opening positions

? Installation area : 1080 x 790mm

? Cut out: : 960 x 655mm

? Weight : 11kg

Dometic Heki 3 Plus Rooflight

With the advanced Duette honeycomb system you will enjoy excellent thermal insulation and cosy comfort, while two built-in convenience lights add a soft, subdued illumination

? Made of opaque, weather-proof ASA with integrated energy-saving lights (2 x 8 Watt)

? Patented lateral straps reduce the degree of light between Duette honeycomb material and frame.

? Acrylic double-glazed dome light (tinted in grey) can be oped for ventilation.

? The large overlap of glazing panel prevents water from penetrating when dome is raised.

? Inner frame with seamlessly adjustable fly net, can be operated together with Duette blind

? Robust locking system inside the outer frame

? Installation requires a flat surface area of 1.080 x 790 mm

? Suitable for roof thickness from 27 to 60 mm in combination with special fittings

? Lighting : 12v lights 4 x 8 watt.

? Weight : 15kg

? Standard roof thickness : 25 - 32"

? Possible roof thickness : 33 - 60"

? Cut out : 960 x 655mm.


To view pictures of the various rooflights, this site may help.

Choose "DETAIL" button for drawings with sizes.




If you are looking for parts only, it would be worthwhile looking at


or phone UK 01423 321108

As you are in Spain you may need to access the Spanish section of the website.

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Hi Mel B


Sorry to be so evasive. We have a Rapido 710 year 2000 on a fiat ducato base and the rooflight has a winding handle on the inside frame sorry haven't got a photo. We have damaged the glass dome on the outside. My husband has done a temporary repair to make it watertight. I have tried to search just for the dome but to no avail so if you have any info it would be appreciated. We live in Spain but are travelling to the UK in July so could look at replacing it then. Motorhome accessory dealers are few and far between here.



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Hi Flicka


Many thanks for this info I looked on the website you recommended and our rooflight seems to be the Heki 1. This is the most expensive one it seems , so could we replace it with a less expensive model do you think and if so which model would you suggest? Our other option is to replace the damaged glass dome only but have had difficulty trying to find one on the net. I appreciate any info you can give me.



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Hi Sue

To be safe, I suggest you contact Dometic (by e-mail - there is a "Contact us" link on their website.) with the physical sizes.

As your Motorhome is 8 year old, from memory that dates to before Dometic bought Heki (I may be wrong) and there could have been some changes in that time.

It would also clarify if the dome only is available.

Depends on where you are traveling to in the UK, for stockists which will be local.

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Hi Sue,

         If you're driving back to the UK from Spain, why don't you call into the Rapido Factory at Mayenne, France.

It's worth a shot to see if they can help in any way or maybe point you in the right direction.

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