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parking at dunkirk


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Minstrel - 2010-04-18 1:06 PM The search engine is still not working so please can anyone tell me if car and caravan can park overnight at Dunkirk port, please. This is for a friend.

Yes you can stay overnight outside the booking office, we stayed there a couple of weeks ago.

As you leave the roundabout and approach the check-in booths you'll see 3 lanes on the left for lorries and 1 lane on the right for cars, caravans and motorcycles.  Take this lane which then splits into 2 further lanes.  The left lane is for ticket holders and the right lane is for the booking office (to get a ticket).  Take the right lane and have a good night.

As long as they approach it slowly there should be plenty of time to get in the right lane.


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