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I'm thinking of getting an EFOY.


Can anyone enlighten me of any restrictions this might impose for the Channel Tunnel or ferries in carrying methanol. I notice the fuel cartridges carry warning stickers, should these be displayed on the outside of the MH like those for gas?


Any advice would be greatly received.



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EFOY does what it says on the tin. Anybody who advertises that they have one on board is asking to get it stollen. I don,t. Never had any problems on Ferry or tunnel.

Good German engineering. Astonishlingly expensive as its "technology". Make sure you have minimised your electrical loading first (LED bulbs etc), Fitted the maximum solar real estate you can get on the roof. The if you are sure you need a Fuel cell then go for it. It does give total independance.


More on this link





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Question: the Efoy generates electricity.  It is expensive, but it will work day or night, sunny or cloudy, under shade or in full sun, and even when the van is covered in snow.  All it needs to work is a supply of methanol.  Why augment it with solar panels?  Put another way, how much methanol could you buy for the installed cost of a solar panel plus controller?

Second question: all motorhomes have a mains hook up, so batteries will be charged if on mains.  All motorhomes have alternators, so batteries will be charged when driving.  If lighting loads are reduced as Clive suggests, and if one has an Efoy, would there be any real point in adding to battery capacity?

What I'm really asking is, if one takes the decision to spend the money to install an Efoy, so that come rain, shine, or high water, the installed battery gets charged, is it not more economical simply to buy more methanol, than to buy more battery, add solar panels, or WHY?  Put a slightly different way, why add weight and cost, if the Efoy can already do the job?  At about £25 for 5 litres methanol is not cheap, but how much is one likely to consume?

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