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Diesel Leakage


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Couple of questions re X250 (Peugeot) Fuel Tank

1. Does anyone know whether there is some form of vent / overflow which can leak diesel if filled to full.

2. Has anyone had a leak from tank, its happened to ours twice now shows itself on the drive, never happens except after filling tank to full. Handbook does warn of a malfunction (not specific) if exceeding 3rd cut off when filling but have not done that.

Interestingly same thing happened on our previous Fiat 2.8JTD but never come across it with cars.


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I had the exact same problem, but on a Ford Mk7 2008 model autosleeper.

BUT please read on:-


The solution was that the gasket between the sender unit (the unit that has the fuel gauge sender unit plus the engine diesel feed pipe) on top of the tank was faulty.

The first try was for Ford to replace the complete sender unit in case the connecting flange was distorted, unfortunately they used the old gasket.

So back to a different Ford dealer who investigated and found the old gasket had been used. New gasket fitted and all has been well so far.

If you are out of warrenty then the solution " dont fill the tank to full" does work, which is what I had to do before the final solution was achieved.

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The majority of modern diesels have an evaporation device that needs to be able to breathe. If you over-fill the tank, the fuel backs up into the device and causes it to become blocked. The only way that it will clear is by some diesel passing out of the system through the breather which should normally only ever contain vapour.


There is a note about this in the Fiat X250 handbook.


Do not fill beyond the first click.



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