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talbot express coil spring


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i have a express chassis cab eldis autoquest that seems to be down more on one side at the front by at least two inches has any one had a spring prob with one of these motors and any ideas or similar experiances . shock seems ok but difficult to tell but definately not leaking unless its a gas one ! spring definately looks more compressed ie coils closer together than on other side .
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The front coil springs have been known to break and in the worst cases the end sticks out and punctures the tyre. I contacted Vosa about it a few years back and they were thinking of making it an item to check on Express/Ducato Mots but I do not knowif they did.


Check and see if yours have snapped . One part may have coiled down into the other reducing the spring length.


I doubt Peugeot are still listing new springs but there are a couple of companies specialising in Express parts that might be able to help if replacements are required. Delfin Design for one tel 01202 840749


Best practice is to renew both sides if you can find new but don't bother if used parts are all you can get.


Renewal is hardly a DIY job as the springs have to be compressed and the energy stored in them makes it very dangerous without the correct tools. Thinks missing hands/head if the clamps slip.

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If the van is dipping to one side at the front at rest, it'll be the coil spring that's the issue, not the shock absorber....the Mc Pherson style shock absorber is not preloaded; ie it does not carry any of the vehicle weight, it simply reduces (" dampens") the rate at which the spring/suspension assembly compresses and then rebounds when you go over a bump etc when driving.


Changing a coil spring in a McPherson Strut setup as on your MH is a piece of cake if you are a good DIY mechanic and you have/can rent, coil spring compressors (normally they come as a pair, and you'll want the large sized ones).........but NOT a piece of cake if you are not.


A garage will probably be looking at a couple of hours labour charge, plus the cost of the new/secondhand replacement coil spring.

Well worth getting the drive shaft splined shaft end regreased whilst it is disconnected, and the rubber drive shaft gaiter replaced with a new one, for the extra couple of quid, whilst the other job is in progress.

Remember that you'll need to get the vehicle tracking redone after the job is completed.



Try any local breakers yards for springs - as your Talbot Epress based MH is on exactly the same van base as the Peugeot J5 and Citroen C10 badged vans.

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