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Camping beds


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Hi Maw,


I like you ditched the air beds a while ago and since have been like goldilocks trying and buying varying beds :-S


Comfort on a campbed is a personal choice, a bit like bed mattresses, my wife and I can never agree on comfort of campbeds so she's gone back to air beds!!! >:-(


You're always best to try before you buy but even then it's only after a nights sleep do you really know if it's right for you.

The big names in the camping world like Outwell, Vango and Royal make some good campbeds but to me the top for comfort (if I could afford it) is the 'Fox' fishing beds (http://www.tackleup.com/fox_international.htm).


One thing to remember is that some campbeds can take a lot more space in the car so be sure they'll fit in the car with all your other camping gear.


Hope this helps

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