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End of Season shows


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Not us - too many shows - same old, same old - and as new vans seem overpriced and lacking in sturdiness and build quality I see no good reason for changing a well made and more or less reliable van for potentially yet more very expensive trouble!


On the other hand, to attend a show weekend to meet people and natter and look at all the bits and bobs on sale is a good enough reason to go for us as it does make for an entertaining and reasonably priced weekend in my view - as long as the sun shines - and for that reason we never pre book!



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Not bothering with the NEC as we've now got our nice shiney new van. :-D


We are going to Lincoln as day visitors though as it's not that far away so no real need to stay over.


Not sure what we'll 'acquire' ... we'll see how tempted we are on the day!


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