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purchase used van


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I'm new here and i have a question about purchase a used van in UK.

I'm living in Belgium and bought oure first van, a '95 Swift Challenger 470 in Holland because they did't sell theme here. The only Uk brand sell in Holland are Swift, Spite, and Elddis.

I know Spite and Eccles are the "cheaper" version of the Swift.

Because i does't know about the quality from the Uk caravans i will asked on this forum.


We want to buy a van with fixed bed. After looking arround on Ebay.Uk and some other UK sides i found some vans that will be interested me.


This are vans al around 2002 - 2006

Ace Statesman

Bailey Pageant

Swift Challenger/Utopia

Elddis Avante/Odyssy/Vogue

Compass Corona

Coachman Pastische


I'll hope some one can tell me about the quality of this caravans.


Regards, dirk

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