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Bio- diesel


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We were up in the Highlands last week - Tanked up at Morrisons in Fort William - MH ran as normal getting usual mpg - did a fair bit of motoring in the Highlands which necessited putting fuel in at Thurso- the gauge was just below quarter - I put in £45's worth of Esso - I noticed on the pump filler handle it said 7% bio diesel . Immediately I noticed a drop in performance and the fuel gaugea dropped like a lead ballon - had to add fuel at Kinlochewe - performance and mpg back to normal.

Was it a 'dicky' batch or was it the 'bio' ? - any comments ?

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You do not say what engine/vehicle you have.

I often run with up to 40% Bio, usually 20 to 30% in a 2.0 JTD. The performance is improved and is quieter and get more MPG. However I have on two ocassions filled up with Esso and both times the engine has been sluggish and noisy afterwards, same with Tesco fuel the one time i filled up. I normally run on shell and if I have a batch of bio (home made) top it up.

Over 40% bio I find the power drops off again.


I do not think a 7% mix will make that much difference and should if anything improve running, but I have my doubts about Esso diesel anyway,

and it could well have been a bad batch or been stored badly or long time at garage if it was an expensive outlet. Shell, BP, and others are all adding more and more Bio to the fuel mix, you may just not be aware of it.

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