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Aires in or near Paris


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Behind the Chateau de Vincennes, just outside the Peripherique on the East side. There are no facilities but you can stay free for as many nights as you want, and get the Metro into town.


It's between Route Dauphine and Square Carnot,

40deg50'24"N, 2deg26'07"E

You can see it clearly on Google Earth or Google Maps.


Motorhomes are usually on the back row, but that's not compulsory!


We stayed there four nights in Feb last year, surprisingly peaceful at night, only moved off when we ran out of water.

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Depending on when your going, you stay st the LeBouget Paris MH Show. 7Euros for 3 nights from memory. Water and waste emptying facilities, take a ticket on entry and pay on exit pending how long you stay. You park by a small airport next to Rockets!!!!! Some People use public transport to go into Paris.

Show starts on the 25th Sept' to 5th Oct'.

Should you wish to visit the show it costs 12Euros and the food is very good.

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