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track securing bolts, Chausson Flash 04


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Sorry about the title but need some ideas.

I have a Flash 04. In the garage there is a piece of track running across the van, with a groove in it. It would seem that I could slide some bolts into it and thus secure some heavy junk to those. I have seen them on other vans but ours did not come with them.

What are they called and where can I get them? Hope someone can help.

Thank you 8-)

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are the grooves if you look at them in a section view, like an upside down T, if they are you need a t-nut (prob a M10 or M12) then an eye bolt, screw em together,slide them in and tighten down, you will be able to get them on ebay under eye bolt and T nut or down B&Q




far too expensive them Mel ;-)

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