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Awful EU water "bourns"why are people so disgusting & selfish?

Alf Stonehouse

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:-D New as i am to camping by van im totaly shocked & disgusted to see how the water is used :-( up to now my tank was leaking badly & i had to refill every couple of days,& did so 8-)


Arriving in the Lot dept 46 has made me realise how careful one has to be with water.


When i returned to dept 19 the holidays in Paris and dept 33 were announced & millions of camper vans arrived in Sadroc i refilled all my 5 & 3 liter plastic bottles showered & showered again in fresh water.Then refilled just before campers arrived


All wanted to empty their tanks and re fill with water.As three of the four were together they all took their WC units emptied them rinsed them but each put the tap INTO the WC unit shook it splashing "brown" water over the tap 8-) :'(


Each filled the water tanks with water from the tap :-( I left feeling very unwell


At most stops there is a post which has push button taps at the bottom and power at the top these are worse :-( A camper arrives empties his WC waist into the water drain leaving toilet paper bits & even large long waist parts :'( i would have taken a photo but it was to awfulin Cahors)


This im told is the normal European standard camping van system :-S


Im amazed anyone can splash the contents of their WC into a drain just Perhaps two feet below the fresh water tap,then press the water button which blasts water into the WC unit


What ever must it be like in summer?

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I agree some campers (including British ones!) are disgusting. In my experience most bournes however have a covered drain for WC waste, the grid drain is just for overflow water.

I am in Dept 63, close to the border with 19 and 15. If you go south from here there is a lovely aire with a huge heated shower room etc and bays seperated by grassy areas. It is not too far south of Auriac at Montsalvy.

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Guest pelmetman
Alf Stonehouse - 2011-02-16 12:00 PM

'( i would have taken a photo but it was to awfulin Cahors)


Looks like the European Poo mountain is building well in Cahors, just as I suspected :D

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I saw it when i first arrived it was shocking,Cahors water WC area must be the worst?I hope there arnt worse? Seeing what i first thought was a very large dogs mess on the drain was bad but im sure it was not a dog


Ive never seen anyone using the services except grey water,thats why it was a shock to see more than one person splashing


Where is the shower?? :-D :-D :-D I had though of driving into dept 63 as i can leave some things such as my useless "cube a bathroom sink & table i found in the storage when i looked last week


I very nearly left the media tech hear to return to Cahors where ill stay on the "simple"place on the river bank before pressing on to Bazas to try a slice of dead cow which im told is special?Then on to the sea for oysters fish & sea air

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I have got used to the differing standards of hygiene throughout Europe, just make sure that you disinfect the tap and don't touch anything you don't have to.


I have never been ill from any waterborne bugs and I drink tap water from all over.


I think it is a difference in what is considered "normal" in one culture and not in another.


Some Nationalities regard dumping toilets down ANY drain as acceptable. Some regard all taps as suitable for rinsing casettes . Some countries have sewers that are at some point open, this is, for them perfectly OK.


I have seen foul sewers discharging directly into the local river, where the drinking water is drawn from, albeit at a different place.


Shocking it is, to us, but when in Rome.....





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Yes sadly


Im rather more shocked 8-) though why i dont know,that it was the EU that had the very worst system diffused


Ive been lucky ive never had to use such a euro tap yet *-) There have been enough real taps well away from the WC one.


The exception and shock due to my visiting a water less department with a leaking tank *-)


Once my wine problem is solved later today ill fill with water from a clean tap & wait until the next is found 8-) i hope i find


In Sadroc they have 220v with four outlets and Three taps no less two are off for winter :-( It is though a good example of a very good place to stop the WC tap & water tap being well seperated


I was absolutely amazed to see another camper arrive silly of me given its holiday time in France

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So, forgetting that he comes from part of Europe, and from within the EU (yes, strangely, the UK has been in both for some time!), Alf condemns the whole European area, or possibly just the EU area, on the strength of the poor hygiene behaviour of a handful of French motorhomers. 

Thing is, Alf, idiots exist in all countries.  The country you are in is France, not Europe, and you have just met French idiots.  Oh, and the taps they were using were French, not Euro, taps.  When (if) you get to another country, you will encounter their idiots from time to time, and if you watch and listen carefully, you will hear indignant of Tunbridge Wells, or Toulon, or Salamanca, or anywhere else, raise their voices in protest.  Some people have very poor hygiene standards, others are hygiene obsessives.  It's called life.

But then, some folk organise their vans and trips before they set off, while others don't.  Some post blogs about their trips, while others don't.  Some are interested, while others aren't.  Thus, we are all different.  Amazing thing, humanity, ain't it?  :-)

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I hope Alf is using the correct tap as there is normally free water over the soil drain and it is not unusual for this to be used to wash out cassettes, if you want drinking water this is usually higher up on the stand and has to be paid for.

Just a thought.


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Guest Tracker

If you have no choice but to use a tap that may have been used for loo cleaning do make sure that you remove any existing hose and fitting and connect your own having first wiped the tap down with a bit of bleach and run the water for a while to flush it out!


As you all say a minority of people with disgusting habits are all around us and it does make me wonder what their home loo must be like - I don't think I want to go there!

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