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living in the country


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Febuary 18th


Its full moon tonight, that is our street light.

The many stars are our road signs.

The echo of a train in the distance tells us which direction the station is.

If we smell salt in the air we know the wind is south westerly.

When we smell pig muck in the evening we know its potato planting time.

The foxes screaming at night tell us it’s mating time.

When the flowers begin bloom the beehives need our attention.

If the women are wanton then it must be April.

Sweet scented grass tells us it’s time to make superior golden butter.

The sound of leather on willow indicates Sunday and men dressed in white.

Squirrels in the bushes tell us the nuts are ripe.

See flocks of swooping swifts and autumn days are approaching.

Large plump blackberries & swarms of wasps are times for making jam.

Empty skies indicate that fledglings are feasting in the fields.

Hoar frost on the grass says it’s cold outside.

Flakes of snow are signs of the winter to follow.

Red holly berries tell us we shall soon see visiting birds from Norway

A pitch black sky at tea time indicates the sun is hot in New Zealand.

Our cinema is the spectacular electric displays from the northern lights.


What is a Theatre ?


Our theatre is calling the dairy herd to the milking parlour at 5am.





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