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800 watt fan heater


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Campsite supplies vary a lot abroad. 16 Amps is typical in UK, although I have come across some 10Amps. In rest of europe generally 5 Amps miminum , with a lot being over 10 Amps and a few as low as 2 Amps but I have found 2 Amps rare. Working on 5 Amps is a safe bet so at the low setting of 800 watts it will use 3.3 Amps leaving a bit for your battery charger, TV, etc. However as always, when using a kettle switch the heater off and only use one high power appliance at a time.
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SIB - 2011-02-23 1:41 PM


Sounds ideal for my compact camper, most important though, how noisy is it?

All Fan Heaters will produce some noise, but if you want a no noise option, have a look at the small Oil Filled Radiators. Little difference in weight & IMO more stable to use in a confined space (smaller footprint).

Although not as quick to heat up the interior, ideal if you need heater overnight without disturbed sleep. Very little difference in weight,


e.g. http://www.amazon.co.uk/Homefront-Filled-Radiator-Adjustable-Thermostat/dp/B001GMF3IA



So noise = fast warm up, quiet = slow warm up.

You pays your money & takes your choice.

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We got this one,and at £8.77 it's got to be a bargain.




We use the 800W on 6A EHU and full whack on 10A supplies. I worked out 1500W would be needed to get the temperature up to a comfortable level, in a reasonable amount of time, in our PVC, when it was 0C outside.


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