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Trackers not phantom not subscription


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I've been looking for ages for a non subscription tracker,


If Im lucky I'll post a pic of a unit I got from gomatics. It's made by Taimwanese company Haicom and cost me £200


The tracker is basically a GPS receiver with a SIM card. It works in 3 ways

1 You can set up the tracker so that if it moves it sends your phone a txt.

2 You can phone the unit and it will send GPS data to your phone. By holding a USB adaptor to your earpiece, you can decode this and display the tracker's whereabouts on eg Autoroute.

3 The unit will also send GPRS data via the sim to a global sever run by HAicom.


I'm using a Virgin sim that permits 25Mb of data per day for 30p a day - but only on days when it's used.


GoMatics sent me the unit switched on and using Haicom's server, I monitored its progress from mid Wales to the Sorting office in Swansea, Cardiff and park royal . The journey took 3 days but the battery went flat after 2 so I missed the last leg to my home. Virgin charged me 90p and told me the amont of data sent was negligable. just a few Kbs


The global server is a new feature. and it means you dont have to use your own phone or computer to find the tracker. Just remember your password and you could track the thing in a web cafe or police station.


I'm going to buy an aditional "car kit" (£66) this is a little black box that connects the tracker to the vehicle sysytems. It also has a panic button , alarm triggered input and 2 relay circuits, so You could send a text message to the unit and eg stop the fuel supply or set off a smoke grenade inside the cab. It also has a microphone input that allows you to evesdrop remotely.


I'm also going to buy an additional battery pack so that if a thief disconnected my vehicle batteries, the unit will keep sending data for longer that 48 hours




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