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Crown Currency update


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I tried to post this on the original thread, but although it shows on there it does not come forward to last postings.


For those unfortunately caught up in the Crown Curreny liquidation.


Police investigating the collapse of overseas cash firm Crown Currency Exchange have made six further arrests today.


Police have also linked the collapse of a cash for gold company called Mayfair and Grant to this criminal investigation.

Devon and Cornwall Police

Detective Inspector Paul Bean says: "This is a lengthy and complicated investigation in which there are many lines of enquiry to pursue. It is anticipated that there are over 8,000 victims of crime in relation to the collapse of these companies.

"Police are liaising with the administrators for Crown Currency and liquidators for Mayfair and Grant.

"I ask that if any person believes that they are a victim in this investigation that they register with the administrators, MCR, 43-45 Portman Square, London, W1H 6LY. Telephone 0207 4877240."



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Guest Peter James
The mistake Benstead made was doing it in a small way. If he had done about 200 billion instead of 20 million he would have been too big to fail. He would have been bailed out by taxpayers and savers, knighted for services to Banking and Tourism, given a big payoff and retired on a vast pension like Sir Fred Goodwin.
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