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Tell me about Padstow


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To celebrate the Wifes 40th we're taking the M/home to Glastonbury.


We've then got a week booked at Padstow Touring Park.


For the special day it's off to Rick Stiens for a "Slap up dinner".


We also plan to ride the camel trail.


Can anybody recommend anything else to do whilst we're there and

specific companies re canoe tours and sea fishing etc. Anything to

avoid sitting in front of the goggle box.





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Hi Andy, We have stayed at the Dennis Cove camp site in the past which allows one to walk into Padstow in 10 mins and its also on the actuall Camel trail for riding into Wadebridge which again is full of interesting pubs/meals, not quite so commercialized as Padstow.


A short ferry across the estuary at Padstow takes you to Rock which is the hangout of the wealthy ( one can dream ). Of course the big event at Padstow is the 1st May which can be a little crowded noisy but very good all the same.


Plenty of nice walks in the area also.




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Guest Peter James

Camel trail cycle path Padstow to Camelford is flat and scenic, surfaced cheaply with loose material so pedaling is not as easy as on a proper road.


Rick Stein is OK but overpriced.


Pretty around the harbour, but best view of Padstow is from further along the riverside towards the sea.


No camping or sleeping signs everywhere, so stealth camper came in useful.

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Guest pelmetman

Hi Andy


Enjoy your meal at Rick Steins, we have had a take away at his fish & chip shop and the main restaurant both of which we really enjoyed and for the quality of the food didn't think it was expensive.




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