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Using briefcase solar panel to charge battery


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I bought a 13W Maplins Briefcase model to charge the 'van battery when it had to move to a storage compound without electric hookup. After 3 months frustration, and the 'Briefcase' going back to Maplins twice (they keep saying it is OK, no fault), I think I have found what was wrong. I was trying to use it mounted under the 'Heki', but was getting minimal output from its controller to the battery (ie 35 mAmps). When I wound up the 'Heki' to let the panel see the sun, it sprung into life and started generating >350 mAmps. The panel is now mounted inside the windscreen, with the internal silver screen behind it, and generating away happily. I am amazed that a double glazed clear plastic window was filtering out so much solar energy.

Maybe this has been mentioned before, but I felt it might be of interest.



Neil B

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