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Hymer: Sky-light bulb replacement


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Can anyone please advise how to access the bulbs used in Hymer's own sky-light?

These are four small recessed units; they are difficult to get a purchase on and resist the level of untwisting I have dared to exert.


The aim is to replace the halogens with LEDs.




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They look very much like they are the type where the outer ring engages on plastic lugs on the main unit, and should be removed by twisting the ring (usually anticlockwise).


I've had similar issues in removing mine in the past, especially getting enough purchase.


If you cant get any purchase on the ring (because of the recess), try butting a medium-hard rubber (eraser) against the face of the ring, apply pressure and also sideways movement. If you get one of the correct consistency, it won't slip, and it's worked for me several times in the past. Once you have a little bit of movement, it is usually becomes much easier to remove them.

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