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Volvo C70...does it have it????


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I was in my local Volvo 'stealer' today picking up the car after getting the trailer elctrics sorted when i noticed they had a C70 in the showroom with a large poster beside it. This showed the car with a young lady in a state of partial undress. She was also in the process of removing the clothes of her partner. Maybe they were going to enjoy each toher in the C70 but I doubt if there was really sufficient room even though there are 4 seats


So, if i bought a C70 would a young lady proceed to rip my clothes off I wonder. Are they supplied by Volvo as aprt of the 'package' However, at my Bus Pass age it would be an exciting proposition but I suspect that panic and the thought of the wife would dampen any ardour I could show.


I assume the feminists cannot complain as 'she' was ripping of 'his' clothes, not the other way around.


Nice ad though

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