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Fiat/Peugeot Clutch Pedal


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We have the Fiat Ducato (02), and ours squeaks occasionally! And when it does there is always a problem!! The pedal then starts sticking down!

It has done it for 3 years, and can be very disconcerting. We spend 6 months of the year in France working and luckily enough it never happens when we are on the other side of the channel, something to do with the weather maybe?

Even the garage can not tell us why it happens, and of course it never happens when we take it into the garage!

So when we get the sticky clutch, we just pull up at the nearest safe place and just wait for half an hour or so and then it is ok.

It does not seem to stick if you just dip the clutch enough to change gear, but when you stop and depress the clutch all the way down, it stays there till it's ready to come up again on its own, which it always does.

Charles gives it a good spray with wd40, don't know if it does any good, but!!!!!

Luckily it only happens occasionally.

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