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New to the forum! Question for you.....


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Hi all,


I am new to the forum (just bought my first copying of Camping Mag).


My question is does anyone know of any good camp sites near Worksop?

We are looking for a camp site where you can stick your tent anywhere on a massive field so you don't have a set space. On our first experience we went to Wales with my wifes brother and fiancee and it was amazing. Lots of fields and you could use any field so we had a small field to ourselves it was great. Our second experience was still good but we were set a pitch which was tight as we have the Outwell Hartford XXL tent (Massive).


Any help would be great. We are currently looking at going to this camp site:-



Has anyone used this camp site and if so how was it? Would it suit us?


Oh forgot to mention it is myself. my wife and our big bouncy bonkers chocolate lab who are going to be stopping as we have decided to have a break from our little girl for a few nights. So we want to spend a good chunk of the day going on nice long walks to tire out Max (the choc lab) and then have a nice relaxing few drinks and chill in the late afternoon and into the evening.


Any help would be great.





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