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Double issues


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As a regular reader of M.M.M and WhichMotorhome, I was so glad yesterday when I went into my local Smiths to find the next issue, I lay in bed last night and read though, looking at the new VW on test.

However today Friday on going into Smiths I find that once again my copy of Which has been added to the new M.M.M. for the bargan price of £4.99. behind this is the normal M.M.M at its usual price. I would like to know what is going on. I was most angry when I saw that once again I was being seen off by both M.M.M and Smiths. If you must double up on your mags, then please do it on the day of issue, so that people like myself who take great enjoyment in reading these mags, and can only dream of going to the beautiful places pictured and dicribed. I cant afford to buy a camper as yet, but one day my dream will come true and I and my wife will be able to follow our dreams and travel not only the U.K but France and Spain. But until then your mags give us the dream. Please keep it simple, DONT double up and put out the singles at the same time. For us O.A.Ps its just not cricket. Mike Palmer .

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Hi Mike and welcome to the friendly - well most of the time - forum!


Now that you know where we are don't forget to ask any questions before you buy rather than after!


When you are beginning no question is looked upon as silly because there is so much to learn and unless you ask noone can tell you!


We all had to start from the very beginning once upon a time albeit a bloomin long time ago and well before forums - for many of us!

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