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Rapido 962M wing mirror


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I have broken the back cover on my 2003 Rapido wing mirror. Does anyone

know who made these so I can get a replacement. I have tried Mercedes and Fiat.

The part number on the old cover are:





I will be most grateful for any help

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I think you are probably going to end up going through Rapido.


Which design mirror did they fit on the 2003 MB?


Was it the upwards facing, white mirror, or the later, MB specific, downwards hanging white one?


The upwards pointing one was fitted to 2005 Fiat A classes, and, after reading the replacement cost of these (you don't want to know, yet!), and having my offside one hit in Sowerby Bridge by a woman in a Hymer (!) coming the other way, I decided to do a bit of research.


(BTW, it was her fault, she was over the white line and looking anywhere but where she was going - looking for a friends house she told me afterwards - and I could see the collision coming for yards, and had just about stopped. Luckily, though it banged my mirror back, it ended up with only scratches which polished out - it absolutely demolished hers though >:-) )


Anyway, back to the plot - I managed to trace the maker on Google via the logo cast into the face of the shroud, and found the website. The prospect of getting replacement parts, however, seemed very low, as they are an OEM manufacturer, didn't have UK dealer links, and the parts may well have been made for Rapido specifically. There was a version on their website as a sample that was very similar, but, I think, without the repeater indicator.


I no longer have the Rapido, so can't check the logo, and can't remember it. I believe it comprised two or three letters in a circular arrangement (beginning in R?) - If you can find it and repost, I'll look again for you as I can remember some of the detail.




BTW, see




for some official prices


Edit second time


With memory working overtime, it was RBE, www.RBE.fr eventually takes you to




which is what my Rapido mirrors were.


I suspect it won't help much, but at least you might know what you're searching for.




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