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black bits in the water

duetto owner

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had not used the MH for a while, filled up fresh water tank at home before going up to london for a couple of nights.


surprised to find small black bits in the water out of the tap never had this before any ideas it was no living or anysort of bug.


i did not get any upset from drinking the water.


the hard water where will live is normally fawn coloured scale not black.


intend to flush tank though over next few days.

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Hi David

Before I retired I was Technical Services Manager some of our work was service and repair to several Housing associations this BioFilm occurred mainly in property where the houses or flats were at the end of pipe runs so reduced pressure and due to little use of water there was low chlorine content in the pipework some property's had this stuff growing out of bathroom taps 3 to 4 inches long from taps that had drips from not being turned off.

Dosing with bleach would cure for a year or in some cases a few years but it would return.


The local water authority chief scientist did give me a written assurance that this was safe and not a health hazard but once it had occurred it would return at some point when the right conditions for it to spread occurred.


A couple of flats caused a fuss and the only answer was to repipe in one flat it returned after a couple of years.

In motorhomes it tends to apear in toilet flush tanks and this is quite easy to clear but in a freah water tank is another matter





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