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They must think I'm flushed

Guest ChrisB

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Guest ChrisB

I feel like a rant!

Heavy-handed granchildren broke the push button on a toilet flush. Can't blame them as although it looks like metal it's chrome-plated plastic.

Anyway, contacted the manufacturer who gave me the part number but told me I must order through B&Q who supplied the toilet a couple of years ago.

Searched for the part on the B&Q website but nothing came up. Called their Customer Enquiries helpline who confirmed I had the correct part number (cost £5 - a bit much I thought for a bit of plastic) but I must order through the store as they were unable to supply anything not listed on the website.

Not a problem I thought (although the store is a 30 mile round trip). Called the store. Yes the part you need costs £5 and we can order for you. There will be a delivery charge (to the store) of £20!! How much!!!! Pay in advance and collect from store only.

£25 for a plastic button plus at least £5 for fuel seemed a trifle excessive.

Anyway, our local plumbers merchant sold me a complete flush unit for less than £15. Fairly simple job to remove the cable from the broken button and attach to new.

Now left with redundant flush module. I'll keep it with the other accumulated bits and pieces. You never know ...

It seems to me that the likes of B&Q, Wickes etc used to offer better service and prices than the "normal" DIY stores but now there is little, if any, difference between them all. Everything seems to be "bubble packed" and costs a fortune. Our 4 local hardware stores have long since disappeared.

Well that feels better!



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I would agree the comments regarding B&Q. They had a 'refurbishment' about a year ago, and from what i could see, they removed an awful lot of useful stuff and replaced it with racks of silly little things in plastic envelopes. Unfortunately, as Chris states the real hardware stores have more or less disapeeared so there is little choice if you wish to try and fix something yourself. However, B&Q still do a free wood cutting service which I find useful even if some of the wood is a not brilliant.
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Guest 1footinthegrave

We all got what we deserved, having deserted the High street hardware shop where invariably it was owner run, who had a direct interest in you coming back, to these anonymous chains thinking we could always get stuff a bit cheaper. That was probably true to start with, but what a trade off, and customer service, forget it. Screwfix used to be good years ago, now much of that is not so cheap tat.


P.S, you think £5 for a bit of plastic is over the top, try a Dometic fridge travel catch, that must be the most expensive bit of plastic in the universe. Mind you I'm convinced they think we are fair game if we can "afford" a Motor-home >:-(

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Yes - I must say i am still in shock re the fridge catch.


A flimsey bit of plastic designed to break it seems to me




£8 discount and it is STILL over £30!!


So having got one that is now in bits - when we travel I make up my own. Very simple and effective using a bit of wooden dowel and a bit of ducktape.







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