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Battery Help needed


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I need to replace 3 yes 3 batteries one gel battery and 2x100amp wet lead acid batteries, is it ok to replace the gel with sealed for life as it fits inside a caravan under the bed so needs to be none vented, the other 2 are under the front driver seat on the motor home (murvi morello) would also be useful to be sealed for life as you have to take the seat off to top up the batteries. The 2 under the seat are elecsol at the moment but have been told although they have a 5 year guarantee. It hard to get elecsol to honour this. Also I did try and order direct from elecsol and was told that they would give me a discount for having 3 at one time, the man on the phone said the RRP was £136 but I could have them for £115 plus free delivery deal done. When I looked on their web site RRP for 110amp batteries £118 emailed them to ask why the difference was told their RRP was £126 still can’t work it out, needless to say cancelled the order and cancelled the payment.


So guess my question is, which is the best batteries to fit in my motorhome and caravan as I am officially lost. Oh and size does matter well at least for the two in the motorhome as they fit under the seat, Dimensions (LxWxH): 278 x 175 x 190 mm.


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