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Which model of motorhome ?


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Many times when questions come up on the forum the motorhome model is requested in order to provide a better answer.


When I joined the forum it was normal [request at top of forum] to complete a box to show which motorhome was being discussed.


For newer members the way to do this is via control panel


then add details after Location in same box.


I jiggled about with extra spaces so that I was able to produce the effect I wished to show.


I am just trying to make things easier all round, not cause an argument. :-)



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Guest JudgeMental


We met up with Joyce and her Hubby last year at Camping Fornella, Lake Garda. there van is a very cute mini coachbuilt, on what is probably a relatively trouble free VW chassis. I was most impressed.........

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Hi Caroline


We are very pleased with our Wingamm Micros.


That said there are a number of things that irritate, but we were aware of them before purchase as we had to compromise on some things.



VW T5 auto - drives beautifully.

Real wood veneer on cabinets.

Large shower room/WC (no silly tube for a shower) makes best use of space.

FASP seating means that we do not have to handle cushions (we both have arthritic hands) We looked at AS on T5 and bedmaking was awful for both hands and backs.

Drop down bed

Proper cutlery drawer - we cook with local ingredients.

Able to reach fridge and lower cupboards from dinette without getting up.

Excellent utilisation of space with curves to doorway.

Able to store chairs between dinette and passenger seat, just enough room.

Drop down boot locker holds spare tyre and also my kites (meant for skis and boots with drainage)

Easy to park comparatively to larger M/Hs.



More difficult to lounge in dinette, although seats are adjustable and have shoulder support.

SMEV burners are sunk into worktop and have black cover which obscures light from window when raised. Our previous Cramer was just above worktop level and cover was more suitable as a work surface also was clear with a pattern of decorative lines. Newer models have a very very swish cooking surface now. In fact the whole kitchen in new models is very 'cool'.

Small doors to overhead cupboards making it difficult to store things.

Narrow access between front seats.

No kitchen ventilation in rainy weather, as water streams in sliding window.

[ventilation now provided by computer fan and domestic fittings all fixed by Dave Newell].

Door at rear corner and M/H tips dramatically if on the wrong slope making it difficult to get in. We use a plastic step to try to overcome this problem.


Apart from the last three items we were aware before purchase. We started camping when facilities were a trench, sacking screening and a shovel, so we count our blessings.





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