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bolt on steel valves


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There are plenty available on Ebay. At least one seller does them singly.


You need to be careful about the hole size though - I think the Ducato uses the 11.5mm size, but I certainly wouldn't take my word for it :-S .


Presdumably you could measure the one you have?

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No problem!


I know a number of people are having problems locating the appropriate valves.


In revisiting the following site whilst pointing someone at 'van alloys, I was reminded that they also sell metal bolt-in valves (part way down the page)




....though I suspect only in sets of 4.


It may help someone in the future.

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Your best bet for obtaining a single clamp-in valve may well be this company




and a suitable valve may be this one




This (I'm pretty sure) is the "Alligator"-branded product I chose when replacing my Hobby's tyre valves.


As Robinhood says, you'll need to establish the diameter of the 'valve hole' in your spare wheel (11.3mm diameter (nominal) is by far the most common) and to select a suitable length of valve (42mm probably should be OK).


If you are in doubt, ask Auto4 for advice on 01623 441800


When fitting this type of valve, care needs to be taken that the clamping-nut is not overtightened (4-6Nm is advised by Alligator). It would be wise to check that whoever will fit the valve to your wheel is aware of this.

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