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Sites in Brussels and Bruges

Keith T

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Anyone with experience of camp sites in Brussles / Bruges, suitable for Motorhome, and convenient for getting in and around the city? We're thinking of early to mid April for say 4-7 nights?

Any other information/hints welcomed!!

Also does anyone know of sites with ACSI and / or any other discount cards accepted?




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We have stayed here a few times so have our friends and loved it every time.




Not within walking distance of any city but not far from them either, near the beach and great walking. You can catch the ferry and visit the city on the other side , name escapes me right now but was beautiful with river boat trips.


Acsi site too.


There are the Aires at both Gent and Brugge which we have also used. Brugge was either 15 euro or 22 in high season but just a stroll from city centre. Gent is next to the tramway and just takes minutes to get into city centre.




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2007, we parked for 3 nights in the free railway station car park at Aalter, which is midway between Brugge and Gent. Then you can jump on a train to either! Fares: E3.80 each to Brugge, E6 to Gent. Then we parked free at Asse railway station (NW of Brussels) and caught the train into the city, E5.80


This is the royal WE

not us but anther posting

We (that us) finde the brugge aires very dear 5e for water??? >:-( Alan

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Re ACSI: look on their website to see if there are sites in the areas you wish to visit.

For Bruges we stay at Camping Memling - an easy short cycle ride into the city.

For Brussels, when we visited a few years ago, we stayed at Camping Grimbergen - bus stop nearby. We found that we could drive to near the Atonium and park there easily woith a motorhome and with no charge. There is a tram stop there for going into the city. The mini Europe attraction is also in the Atonium area.


Details of these sites are in the CC "Caravan Europe 2" book or check their websites.



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